Mexico Real Estate


When Jason and Crystal, the owners of 360° Mexico, first came down to Mexico, they had no intention, at that time, to make it their home. If you were to have asked them in a year prior, if they ever thought they were going to live in Mexico, they would have laughed and said "Are you crazy?" However, they feel it is the single best thing that they could have ever done, for their relationship, their business expectations and over all well-being.Once they were captured by the beautiful blue skies each day and the mentality of living life to its fullest, there was no turning back! Their original plan was to travel Mexico for 6 months. Those 6 months then became 6 YEARS. Upon completion of their trip they were to return to Canada where Jason and Crystal, both born and raised, were to continue life as they knew it. Jason, at that time, owned a fence and decking business in Fort McMurray, AB in which he catered to the rapid development in that area. Prior to his own business, he worked with Ford Canada in the capacity of a sales executive and sales manager for 10 years. Crystal, on the other hand, was a Phlebotomist/B.A.T technician and Drug Screener working 40 hours/week and on call at nights in one of the biggest oil producing towns in Canada. Needless to say, they were eager to seek a change of pace.

Venturing off to a foreign country, in itself, was an adventure, let alone having the majority of those they left behind thinking they were crazy and were never to be seen again. As they traveled down from Canada, they stillto this day will never forget the night before crossing the border into Mexico. Their minds were plagued with what may happen or what could happen to only discover it was nothing as expected. They were programmed and conditioned by media and those that never had the experience to say, that this was an unsafe place and their lives were going to be taken. However, something quite the opposite happened, rather than their lives being taken, they discovered life! They were shown how little it takes to be truly happy. How material things, are just that, and that true joy in life comes from enjoying your surroundings and being grateful for beauty of life. For this, they feel they will always be indebted to the Mexican culture.

~Jason and Crystal Dorwart ...... 360° Mexico Owner/Operators.